Time to reassess

‘time to reassess’

Jean lived in the same house for 52 years. She raised a family there, hosted dinners and birthday parties, celebrated her son’s graduation, and farewelled her husband of 57 years. Her home held many memories. It was the only place she felt safe, and where the world made sense.

At 84, it was time to reassess.

The decision to relocate Jean to an aged care facility was made by her family. Everyone agreed it was the right thing. Everyone, that is, except Jean.

Helping a loved family member decide on suitable living arrangements should be easy. Often it’s not. We established
moveU because both of us have lived through the experience with our own families. We also have professional training that helps us to moderate a course that is appropriate for everyone.

Sometimes a caring third party can take on responsibilities thatfamily members and friends find difficult.

This is what we did with Jean and her family.

“My siblings and I dreaded the conversation with mum. We knew how much she loved the house and the older she became, the more unshakable she was about moving. I remember when we raised the issue…actually, it was a throwaway comment at a family dinner…and mum went ballistic. You can image her reaction when we raised it for real. That time we had to move her for her own safety.”

Eleanor (oldest daughter)

“After our initial meeting with Jean and her children, we knew that the first step was to help the family devise strategies to help Jean come to terms with relocating. We also arranged for the children to visit two local retirement villages so they had a clearer idea of what was available to Jean. It was important to give them peace of mind before tackling the practical issues associated with moving.”

Georgie Landau, moveU

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