Who we are

Judy Warren

Judy Warren

Having lived and breathed aged care over the last 8 years, it has become apparent to me the great need for a caring respectful service to help families navigate the aged care system in a warm, non-confronting way.

I am a trained bereavement counsellor and undertake volunteer work with refugees.

Over the years, I have helped many people relocate, de-clutter and organise their homes.

I am involved at a high needs aged care facility helping to provide enrichment programs for residents. I witness daily people’s confusion, frustration and guilt as they find themselves either entering or moving into different areas of aged care and provide advice and support to families facing these issues.

I feel that with my knowledge, experience and skills I am well suited to deliver a user friendly, practical and positive approach to the next stage in your family’s lives.

Georgie Landau

Georgie Landau

As an only child I was constantly required to be responsible for my elderly relatives, whilst juggling my career as a lawyer and an urban planner.

I have acted as an Executor for individuals without family or with families spread far and wide. It became apparent there was a need for a caring service to do more than just administer the process.

I have project managed the renovation and building of a number of homes and find the creation of harmonious living
environments very rewarding.

I am a Member of Leadership Victoria’s ExperienceBank and a Board Member of Elder Rights Advocacy, an organisation that promotes and upholds the rights of older people receiving aged care services.

I feel with my background I bring knowledge and experience to meet the needs of families and elderly clients.

Our company has been formed to provide support to families during these difficult transitioning life changes.