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Over the last couple of months, we were very fortunate to help an ex serviceman in country Victoria, de-clutter and pack up his home, whilst he shared his life’s adventures with us.

moveU was contacted by CRS Australia (a Federal Government organisation that helps people with a disability, injury or health condition find and keep a job).

CRS was given the brief to work with Peter through DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs).

Peter originally from UK, 72 years old was struggling to live independently due to his many medical conditions. He sustained a back injury whilst serving in the army in 19–. He is a caretaker for a large race track in country Victoria and with the job , he is provided with accommodation. However he is unable to follow his medical regime and being insulin dependent often is unable to get out of bed.

He suffers terrible loneliness, depression and chronic pain.

moveU spent many hours helping Peter re organise all his papers, memorabilia, while organising the pack up and clean up of this house. Whilst allowing Peter to share anecdotes about his life.  moveU researched for Peter suitable pastoral care in the area he was relocating to, as he was very involved in a community in Moe.  Hoping this would ease the transition.

“Judy and Georgie came to my aid in a whirlwind of laughter and order. Without them I would have drowned in my mess.”

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Georgie & Judy
September 29th, 2010 on 2:23 am

Amazing work Georgie and Judy