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Introducing moveU, a company offering Aged Care advice and support.
We are delighted to forward you our attached brochure, setting out the suit of services that moveU provides.
Over the last couple of years, Judy and Georgie have been assisting clients and their families navigate the Aged Care system, whilst providing hands-on solutions to the rehousing dilemma.  By offering practical help with packing, sorting, de-cluttering and arranging disposal of saleable goods we have been able to reduce the fear and anxiety associated with moving home for many elderly people.
With families now spread far and wide, both interstate and overseas, elderly people are often uncertain of how they will manage the transition from living independently to moving into some form of assisted/nursing accommodation.
This is when Judy and Georgie step in and project manage what initially seems like an overwhelming task.  Having lived through the process ourselves with our own family members and those close to us, we understand what needs to happen at a practical level.
For many, the prospect of packing up a lifetime of experiences, artifacts and memories can seem daunting.  This is when moveU comes in, listens to what the client wants, offers practical solutions, and then makes it happen!
As each situation is different, we offer a free introductory meeting to enable us to better assess how moveU can help your client. Once we have assessed the situation, we can then package a solution tailor made to the individual requirements. We do as much, or as little as the client requests.  Often clients want to be actively involved in the packing up process.  Enjoying the opportunity to relate stories and anecdotes to us about items whilst we are packing up for them or their family members. However, sometimes, owing to a crisis, family members simply hand over the keys and ask us to “arrange a home for sale”.
Further information regarding our services is available on our website at
We would love to come and speak to you about what we do.  Please email us at or ring us, Judy 0411757185, or Georgie 0412247453 to arrange a time to meet.
Kind regards
Judy Warren and Georgie Landau

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Georgie & Judy
September 27th, 2010 on 1:02 am

that’s a beauty

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